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PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be registered with VikingFSG in order to use the TourPal System

Soldier Side Of Things...

Your are only to apply on this system if you are happy to receive mail from civilian members. Any personal information you enter into the system will only be used for registration purposes. Information that is "public" will only be viewed by approved civilian members of the TourPal system. You will be assigned a unique TourPal ID which will be used to identify you on a master database held at the Unit Welfare Office.

Miscellaneous Side Of Things...

ALL mail will be sent to the Unit Welfare Office within 1 Royal Anglian. The welfare office will hold a master list of the soldiers TourPal ID's and all mail will be forwarded to the assigned Viking. The TourPal system is not just limited to when Vikings are on tour. All members are free to send mail at any time.

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All Viking soldiers wishing to receive mail from the TourPal system on VikingFSG can simply click the "Apply Now" button below. You will be presented with a form in order to fill out your details. Your personal TourPal ID will then be processed and added to the database.

Personal information will NOT be made viewable to the public and will only be used for administration and registration purposes. All information, including mail for soldiers, will be sent to a central location nad forwarded to the Soldier holding the Viking ID.

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Only registered or logged in members of VikingFSG can view our TourPals.
Please view the DEMO Profile below if you wish to see the TourPal system features!

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Nickname: VikingFSG Age: 38

Viking TourPal Profiles

The new TourPal Profile pages for Vikings allows them to add much more information. A list of the new features include:

  • Submit a personal photo
  • Update at any time
  • Add your Facebook ProfileID
  • Choose to accept email

View the demo profile above for more...